Saturday, 3 January 2015

Some information requested by readers

We've been asked some questions about some tech stuff on Venture and I thought I'd create this post to answer them to keep all the info in one spot..

First, the folding ladder.

It's in three sections with the bottom section completely underwater when it's extended.

It's attached to the Genoa track along the caprail so it can be moved along the boat if we need to but I can't think of a reason why you'd do that as it's best at the bottom of the sheer line obviously..

Some photos.

Ladder Extended

Ladder Packed away

Ladder attached to Genoa Track

The Staysail Club Foot fittings

I've never been that keen on a club footed staysail due to their "deck sweeping" nature but I've gained a grudging respect for ours as it is completely self tending and sets quite well.  In heavy weather, when it gets above 40 kts, the boat moves along quite well off the wind a bit with the staysail alone.

The sail is handled using three lines (not the normal two..).

There's the furler (obviously) the sheet and what I call the "unfurler" [Edit:  This is probably more rightly called the out-haul] and here's how they are rigged.  The unfurler line goes inside the staysail boom via sheaves at the aft and forward ends and the sheet goes via blocks under the boom.

When the staysail is furled, I use the sheet to pull the aft end of the boom down tight onto the life raft to stop it swinging around clubbing the forward dorade and doing its normal deck sweeping thing.. 

Fairleads for the staysail furler and sheet
Sheet Block and "unfurler" fairlead
Topping lift

Staysail self tending track and sheet blocks

Unfurler sheaves at the aft end of the club foot

The unfurler line goes through a block at the clew of the staysail

The infamous Deck Bag

As we were short of storage space, I decided to use the room in front of the cabin trunk on the deck.  It was a bit scary as I had to drill holes in the deck to attach fittings but after reading a lot of info about how to do this properly, I bit the bullet and went ahead with the project.

I got the bag made up at Austral Canvas in Beverly, South Australia using heavy duty canvas with seat belt straps and big "D" rings to take the load.

It currently holds one of the folding bikes, a big asymetric spinnaker (drifter) and an inflatable kayak.  The other kayak and bike are still in the rear lazarette.

Folding Wichard pad-eyes take the aft and side loads.
The aft pad-eyes are on the top of the cabin trunk.

The forward tie down is attached inside the anchor well under the
teak grating.  The eye sits inside the rope channel.

Another view of the deck storage bag.

Location: Drummoyne NSW, Australia
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