Monday, 16 March 2015

Bye Bye, Sydney Harbour

We left Drummoyne this morning and we won't be back in the harbour until much later in the year.

I left on Venture for Broken Bay and Terry drove Barbara's car and we met up at the Royal Motor Yacht club in Pittwater.

I ended up motor sailing all the way after the promised South Easterlies didn't turn up.  It was a bit uncomfortable in the swell left over from the southerly change that came through yesterday as there was just not enough wind to keep Venture stable so we were rocking and rolling a bit to some vintage Zappa :-)

We'll spend the next few days in Broken Bay checking out the bits we missed last time round and then head back to Adelaide for some birthdays and some more work while the boat has a new engine installed.

Drummoyne sailing club has become very familiar over the last few months and we've really enjoyed our time there with Dave and Selina.  We'll both miss them and also Dennis (our club contact) who has become our good friend.

However, we'll both be glad to move on further north into some warmer weather :-)

Location: Newport NSW 2106, Australia
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