Friday, 24 April 2015

Survived the storms (just) and the new engine is installed and running!

We are still in sunny (not) Adelaide but I'm nearly finished work and with luck, we should be able to head home to the boat towards the end of next week.

I'm told by Sandy (our awesome mechanic) that 70 knot winds went through Pittwater before hitting the Sydney coast and causing major strife.  More than 6 boats were sunk in the area and they still can't find a 42' schooner that dragged it's moorings and probably ended up on the bottom somewhere.

A 60' catamaran broke it's moorings and clobbered the boat next to Venture before heading off up Pittwater to end up on a beach. So we are counting ourselves very lucky at the moment.

Sandy (the awesome mechanic) took his life in his hands to get onto our boat during the height of the storm to make sure everything was ok and made sure everything was tied down properly.  Thanks mate, we can't thank you enough!

More about Sandy and our new motor later but for now, here's a picture.

The new 50HP Kubota motor marinised by WM Engineering in Pittwater.

Location: Newport NSW 2106, Australia
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