Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Yacht Matira heads out of Coffs Harbour for Fiji

As planned, we are staying in Coffs Harbour for a few nights due to weather.  We have to plan our departure from Coffs around entering Yamba/Illuka over the bar there so it's the weather up at Yamba not the weather here that determines when we can leave.  So we are currently planning to head off tomorrow (Wednesday) or worst case, Thursday.
Sunrise over Coffs Harbour marina from Venture at anchor in the bay

In the end, we decided to anchor in the bay between the jetty and the Western sea wall of the marina rather than take up a marina berth.  Yesterday morning, a boat came past and anchored a bit closer to the beach and I ended up having a bit of a chat with the owners Phil and Di.  They were a complete inspiration!

Yacht Matira anchored next to us
They have been sailing together for 25 years and in that time have sailed around the world, slowly, in their Compass 28 called Matira. A 28 foot long, full keel cruiser built by Compass Yachts in Australia.  This is a full 10 feet shorter than Venture.

Matira and Venture at anchor in Coffs Harbour

We didn't have much time to chat as they were getting their boat ready for their next trip over to Fiji but it was a real eye opener to meet with people who have done so much in such a small boat.  It tends to put our issues with storage in perspective.

Hopefully, we'll catch up with them again somewhere around the coast to hear more about their adventures.

Matira heading out of Coffs on route to Fiji

Location: Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia
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  1. Stories like that should convince me my Cav32 is all I need. I find it hard to break my boatporn addiction looking for those extra feet I "need".
    Enjoy the sailing