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Top Times in Tin Can Bay

I have decided that I am now so far behind in the blog, I'm starting again (from now) and will be adding the old blog updates as a big flashback to the past, surprise type thing. I think part of the problem is, I generally have a lot of photos, which use a lot of data to upload, and the need to constantly refresh the blog page when photos are added and moved about also uses a lot of precious data, so I'll attempt to get myself to a library and do the big updates when we're in a large town. At least that way I may be able to manage.  Also, though it kills me to do it, I'll try and be a bit more discerning when it comes to photo content... less is more. :) This may or may not work out... we'll see eh? 

July 2nd and 3rd  - TIN CAN BAY

We arrived in Tin Can Bay on the afternoon of July 2nd and instantly liked the place, and the awesomely friendly locals. The town is a lovely spot, with beautiful scenery, manicured parks and gardens and what sounds to be around a bazillion birds! It was the first time since coming up the NSW, Queensland coast that we had heard so much bird-life. It was a shame that we were only going to be spending one night here.
Some of the major chatterboxes at Tin Can Bay... thousands of Lorikeets.
After a most gorgeous sunset and after dark, we wandered over to the opposite side of the spit to 'the best takeaway shop in Queensland' according to the locals. It was pretty good but the view was better, with the moon rising over the dark, glassy water in the bay and not a breath of wind, it was a beautiful sight.

Sunset and still waters in Tin Can Bay Marina.... enough said... :)
The prettiest moonrise we've seen so far.
In the morning the birds certainly did a cracking job of replacing an alarm clock as the noisy little squawkers, tweeters and screechers began their morning raucous pre dawn. Ah well, it was nice to hear birds again. We had a leisurely breakfast and got the bikes out ready for a long trundle around town to see what we could see and to find the shops in order to stock up. Since it was fairly early, we dropped by the famous dolphin feeding but discovered upon arrival that we were just a little too late for the feeding. I was very disappointed but there was little we could do about it, so we carried on to the shops, checked out the local caffeine and sugary cake distributor and then went back to the boat.

A sad, sad sight on the way to the shops.
Later that afternoon Dave realised that the wind generator really needed putting back together so he decided that another night at the marina would be a great idea. Better than fixing the generator, it gave us another opportunity to get to the dolphin feeding earlier the following day. Totally awesome!!

Nellie feeding Mystique
Another beautiful day arrived with the same chorus of rowdy babble and chitchat from the birds. Soon after 7am we set off on the bikes for the dolphin feeding. When we got there a crowd was already gathering so tickets were purchased and coffee was ordered and we waited. Initially everyone was allowed on to the tiny beach area but then it was only fish feeder permit holders (of which I was one, Dave was just going to observe) who could go down. It's always a bit of a guess as to how many dolphins may turn up for a feed, especially on a Saturday when many dolphins follow the fishing boats out. On this particular morning only one, an old alpha male named Mystique showed up.

Mystique... a lovely old fellow.

After coming from the beach, the permit holders lined up at the small 'shop' and waited to be given our little bucket with our one fish in it. Somehow I ended up at the very back of the line and while I was there I was joined by a lovely woman Cait and her young daughter Nellie, who were on holidays and had been hoping to feed the dolphins but had arrived too late to get a fish. We got to chatting and I could see that Nellie was disappointed. I just couldn't have that and so I did what I had to do and offered Nellie my fish and we'd all go down to the water together. :)

I was a little worried that by the time we got to my fish (number 50 apparently, which was the limit) he'd be full or will have decided enough was enough and just leave, but the woman who was handing out the buckets assured me that all of these fish were nothing compared to what he would normally eat and that these particular fish were a delicacy for him. Okay then... all good.

Nellie, Cait, Dave and I went down to the waters edge and Nellie and I waded in. I held out the bucket and she took the fish by the tail and Mystique inhaled that fish straight down as though it was his first for the day. It was awesome and I know that that gorgeous little girl was thrilled with it. It made my day. That afternoon, on their way to Dreamland at the Gold Coast, Nellie drew me a most wonderful picture of a baby tiger. It made my day all over again. :D

A cheeky cormorant waiting for fish
This pelican had an att-it-tooood!

That afternoon we left the lovely hamlet of Tin Can Bay and once again made our way to Pelican Bay for the night. Tomorrow we leave again.... Fraser Island, here we come.
This bird.... just because!!

Location: Tin Can Bay QLD 4580, Australia
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