Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Keppel group

We spent a couple of nice nights at Roslyn Bay.  The marina is well kept and the people very friendly.  We did some washing, filled the water tanks and headed off to Great Keppel Island for a looksee.

The wind was from the South East so we went to the Northern side of the Island where a couple of anchorages have protection from Southerlies.  There were a lot of boats in the preferred anchorage (Second Bay) so we dropped our anchor in Leekes beach initially and then moved into Second Bay the next day.

Venture at anchor off Second Beach GKI

We ended up staying for 3 uneventful nights just off this beautiful, pristine white sandy beach with crystal clear water all around.  This really was like paradise.

We ducked back over to Roslyn Bay when the weather turned foul and hung there for a couple of nights waiting for an parcel to arrive from Adelaide which I'm sure Terry will tell you all about.

In the end, the parcel didn't arrive (long story) and we hopped back over to Great Keppel Island again for 3 more nights this time in the Fishermans Bay anchorage on the West side of the island before heading back to Roslyn Bay on the Tuesday to pick up the parcel and head further north.

Foggy morning at anchor in Fishermans Bay, GKI.

Location: The Keppels QLD 4700, Australia
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