Saturday, 20 August 2016

Lady Musgrave Island

I thought I'd add some more about Lady Musgrave.

As I said in the last post, we were only there for one full day before we had to leave due to predicted strong northerlies.  The anchorage is protected well at low tide but the swells come right over the reef at high tide so it can be quite uncomfortable in strong winds at high tide.  So I'm told that is, we didn't hang around to find out :-)

The island is a real treasure! A coral cay just 35 miles East of the common jump off point at Pancake Creek.  The island itself is sand with a lot of trees and we took a walk right around on the beach.

We didn't get into the water there unfortunately as the wind had picked up but next time, we most definitely will!  The reefs look magical and the water was crystal clear when we anchored, not so much the next day though.

We did get onto the island though for a walk around.  In fact, we did walk all the way around and through the middle :-)

Lady Musgrave Island

Not exactly a clean wake!

A lovely walk through the interior of the island

Black Noddies in the trees.  Lots of them!

Beach on the Northern side of the island

View of the anchorage from the beach

It was a trial getting the dinghy back to the water.

Location: Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland 4805, Australia
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