Monday, 3 August 2020

We lived the dream and survived :-)

Venture was sold back in March 2020.  Unfortunately, due to the mess that 2020 is for everyone, the new owners were not able to pick her up from Adelaide to take her back to Apollo Bay in Victoria.  So we had our last sail end of July to deliver her to the new owners.

We sailed her to Portland where they took over and sailed back to her new home in Apollo Bay a couple of days ago. 

Here's what they said of their trip.

"Venture sailed like a champion! We left Portland with 1 reef in the main and yankee / staysail up. Smooth ride (beam reach virtually all the way) but wind picked up quite a bit overnight and we were making way much faster than I had anticipated. My trip plan was based on 5knts, we were ripping along - 6 then 7 the 8+ knots even with staysail furled. Then as we approached and rounded Cape Otway the wind really picked up (20-23 knots) so we just ran on the reefed main. I was amazed at how well she sailed and handled the sea just on the main. Took it in her stride [snip]. All good learning about how she sails though. At one stage we were topping 9-10 knots (spilling most of the wind off the main). Auto helm handled it really well too"

I'm sure they will be happy with her.  She looked after us for 7 years or so and it was a sad day when we took down our house flag and left her behind.

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