Saturday, 24 May 2014

Heading for Refuge Cove this morning.

 Sunrise over Queenscliffe Cruising Yacht Club.

We're leaving Port Philip Bay (finally) and heading East to Refuge Cove.  Slack water at the Rip is at 10:00 am and we'll be heading out through the heads at about 9:30 to get a bit of a boost from the last of the ebb tide.

The trip is probably the longest we've done so far.  It's an overnight and we're planning to go around Wilsons Promontory around sunrise tomorrow morning getting into Refuge Cove around 10:00 am.

From all accounts, there's little or no phone coverage in Refuge and we might be in there for a few days so don't expect much from us for the next week or so.

Love to all!
Misty and Tweaky.

Location: Victoria, Australia
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  1. Another great sunrise on PPB (although not the sailors delight)
    Have a pleasant passage you will love refuge cove

    1. Hiya Shane! We had a fairly ordinary trip to Refuge. Had to motor all the way but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Thank you both soooooo much for the tomatoes. That was just so wonderful and unexpected......and absolutely delicious!