Friday, 23 May 2014

Leaving Limeburner's for the last time.

We stayed at Limeburner's for a few days and caught up with the people we now considered to be friends. Dave did the stock up shopping trip ready for our impending final departure as I still couldn't ride the bike due to my cocked up coccyx. Final stock-takes were made and finally we were ready to leave.

On the Friday morning we threw off the mooring lines and wound our way out of the shallow bay for the last time. We quietly slipped past the buoys and the early morning fisher folk standing on the jetty and out into Port Phillip bay towards Queenscliff. 

Wouldn't want to bump into this beacon!

As we neared Queenscliff we took a little detour to see the Pope's Eye Annulus and Chinaman's hat. Pope's Eye is the uncompleted foundation for an island fort. Begun in 1880, it was intended to defend the entrance to Port Phillip from invasion by sea. However, due to improvements in naval gunnery it was eventually made redundant and is now used as a beacon and as a refuge for a large assortment of marine life including sponges and corals and a crap-load of seagulls and other assorted birds, with the occasional seal and dolphin thrown in.


Pope's Eye - Annulus

Pope's Eye covered in birds and poop
  Chinaman's Hat now serves as a shipping beacon and a seal platform for the local Brown Fur Seals but the story is quite interesting, Chinaman's Hat - Port Phillip Bay

Seals at Chinaman's Hat beacon
Seals at Chinaman's Hat beacon... a bit closer
Seals at Chinaman's Hat beacon...closer still.
Whilst we were watching the seals, the ferry went past and so we sailed alongside and then behind her as she chugged her way to Queenscliff, our final destination for the night. Tomorrow we finally poke our noses into the ocean proper for the first time in ages. 
Sea Road Ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff
Last sunset in Port Phillip Bay
Just before nightfall... looking down to the Bay from Queenscliff

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