Wednesday, 4 June 2014

It looks like we'll be in Lakes for a bit longer after all.

I got a call last night and it looks like I've got a couple of weeks work to do later this month so we'll be staying on in the lakes for another two or three weeks at least.

We're currently in the Cunninghame arm at Lakes Entrance on a pay-by-the-day berth so I'll be spending today trying to find somewhere a bit more affordable in the lakes somewhere (probably Paynesville I think).

Venture at Cunninghame Quay

It's a bugger because it's getting pretty cold and we were looking forward to warming up as we go north but such is life eh :-)

Anyone know of a short term berth we can rent for a couple of weeks in Lakes or Paynesville BTW?

And here's another test track (opens with google earth) from our trip back from Metung yesterday.  I'm using a couple of scripts to take the images from both camera's and geotag them then create the kmz file which includes the track, thumbnails and reasonably scaled images.



  1. Dave personally not familiar with the lakes but read heaps of good reports and info on TSP forum there is some good detail there on the various places and facilities ...there are probably worse places to be delayed.

  2. most recent discussion but deeper in thread

  3. I read the last paragraph and thought 'look at mum talking about computery stuff'...then realised this is a post from Dave!! :)