Monday, 2 June 2014

Overnight in Metung

We're spending the night out the front of the pub at Metung on the Gippsland Lakes after a cold and wet trip up the Reeves Channel from Lakes Entrance.  We were heading for Paynesville but this weather just makes you want to get comfortable and warm with a good book.
Heading for Metung up Reeves Channel

It looks like we'll be heading off on Wednesday morning now for Eden.  It'll be another overnight (probably 28 hrs or so) but at the end of it, we'll have left Victoria and finally turned North heading for some warmer weather!

I'm playing with GPS tracks at the moment as the ships computer (venture-pi) has a GPS dongle attached (among other things).  By the time we leave the lakes system here, I hope to be able to post tracks of our daily passages including photo's and weather info.

As a test, here's the Lakes to Metung track with some images geotagged (for Martins sake :-)

Also, we're keeping the posts in chronological (not posting) order now so that's why things have shifted around a bit.

No Optus coverage at Metung so no phones tonight.

Location: Metung VIC 3904, Australia
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  1. Terry glad you made it over the bar , some fine boat handling by Dave i expect :-)
    I dropped your blogspot on a The TS forum so check it out
    Enjoy your passage along the East Coast Dave will send a pic of my "Keelboat" when we get there:-)

    1. Hi Shane, Yep fabulous boat handling on glass like seas! :D There wasn't even a ripple over the bar so we had no problems at all getting in.

      Look forward to seeing your boat. Stay tuned for updates.