Thursday, 24 July 2014

Drummoyne Sailing Club to Farm Cove. Ferries galore.

We left Drummoyne Sailing club on Wednesday after a last shower and headed back under the bridge to Farm Cove. Sorry to leave in a way as it's a really nice spot.  Not much traffic going past and close to a big shopping centre with really nice bread :-)

It's quite stressful sailing (or motoring) in Sydney harbour due to the large numbers of very big and fast ferries criss-crossing all the channels. 

Normally when we are sailing, I stand up and have a good look around every 15 or 20 minutes or so to make sure there is nothing around.  A ship coming over the horizon takes about that long even if it's moving very fast to get close enough to worry about.  In the harbour, you have to do this every 2 minutes or so as the ferries seem to come right out of nowhere.  In reality, you end up with a sore neck and your hand permanently glued to your forehead shading your eyes.

We've gotten the hang of it now and even though it's still stressful, we no longer worry too much when a ferry comes close.

Farm Cove is pretty neat.  It's quite a big bay right next to the opera house surrounded by the Botanic Gardens.  The only problem is that it is very rolly due to wash from the ferries and other boats hurtling around the harbour.

Venture in Farm Cove early morning
I'd had enough of the rolling just before dark last night and  took the dingy out with a spare anchor and dropped it further into the bay with a long line attached.  By pulling on the line, I was able to bring the boat around so it was facing the worst of the swell and so we ended up rocking instead of rolling which is a whole lot easier to handle.  Of course, by 10:30 or so, it was still and calm so we probably didn't need it after all. 

I pulled it back up first thing this morning and had to take the above photo while I was out there in the dingy.  

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
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  1. So pretty. Must be a bastard waking up to that. :D