Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Jaunting around Jervis Bay... jolly marvelous!! (quite a few pics)


Twas a rough and crappy sea.... aaarrrrrhhhhh!
Rough seas tossed my pastels completely out of the cupboard and on to the floor. This is the result. Luckily only one or two were broken.

Next morning we were off again, this time to Jervis bay. No whales were seen along the way but I held hope that we wouldn't go the whole way up the coast without another encounter. Rounding the corner into the bay was a lovely surprise as it opened up before us, big and blue and well protected. Poop covered public mooring buoys were available so we took the one nearest to the small bay inlet of Huskisson and chilled out for the rest of the day.

A popular place to poop

Venture in beautiful Jervis Bay

The view towards the small bay at Huskisson from the boat

The next morning it was in the dinghy and off into the town of Huskisson, and what a lovely little town it is. Walking around I came to think that, per capita, Huskisson has more coffee shops, cafes and eateries than seems possible to sustain, but almost every one had someone sitting out under the verandahs or inside their very individual facades and sipping, or nibbing, or slurping their way through their chosen repast. I also indulged in the best beef and gravy roll ever! Perhaps not the best breakfast fare but I simply didn't care. We took a bit of a wander towards the Jervis Bay lookout areas and decided that it would be much better with the bikes as there seemed to be quite a good bike/pedestrian track. Huskisson also seems to be somewhat of a Mecca for whale watching. Unfortunately it didn't happen there for me (although the day after we left a whale apparently came right into Jervis Bay and frolicked about for ages.... I believe I may have already mentioned something about my bad timing!) By early afternoon we were back on the boat and making plans for the following day. 

One of the many tour places in town. There's everything from whale and dolphin watching to fishing to seeing the sights beyond town.
Oh and apart from whale watching, there's kayak and canoe hire, bike and board hire. So many things to do.
There were a lot of parrots about the place but this is the only really decent photo I got. Does it remind anyone of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or is that just me?
 Late morning once more and with the bikes aboard the dinghy, we again made our way into the tiny boat-filled inlet, unloaded the bikes, got them all set up, checked that we had cameras, snacks and water, then promptly realised that the helmets were still on the boat. So, back to the boat went Cap'n Tweaky whilst I babysat the bikes. Luckily the weather was glorious so the delay was more than welcome as I soaked up the sun. We did a little bit of exploration near the inlet, found the public loos and then headed towards the bike/walking path. 

Dave in the dinghy after retrieving the helmets.
For a Thursday the joint was jumpin' with live music emanating from a nearby hotel and because it was school holidays, kids ran hither and yon in the parklands and playgrounds that dotted the foreshore, bouncing about like little squealing jumping beans on a chocolate high. The path, which was wide and roomy enough for both cyclists and pedestrians, was also filled along its length with everyone from mad joggers and toddlers on trikes to elderly people strolling along with their equally elderly dogs. It was a lovely family atmosphere.

The fantastic bike path .......
.......and well maintained beachfront plantings.
The picnic/barbecue/park area about halfway between Huskisson and Vincentia
Some of the sad tree vandalism

We cycled from Huskisson to Vincentia, an 8 kilometre round trip with wonderful views of the bay and with a really interesting beach. In Vincentia we thought the path petered out (but I have since learned that it picks up again further on and goes out to the nearby peninsula so maybe if we come here again, we'll do the whole thing), so we turned back. Unfortunately not all of the foreshore is beautiful as the above photos show. Some idiots, in their infinite wisdom, have vandalised and killed several small copses of trees (and quite frankly it isn't hard to figure out who may have done it when you consider that the trees may have blocked a few views of the ocean, but proof is lacking).

Half way along we went beachward and took a look at the wonderful carvings in the rock along the shore, done by Mother Nature herself. Sometimes I'm astounded by the amount of natural beauty there is around us, if we take the time to really look. Here are just some of the photos we got of the fantastic beach rocks that edged part of the white sandy beach, which actually went a very long way.

Super wide beach at low tide.


This is a little rivulet that was cut into the rock and had become a home to tiny things
The shapes that had been carved into the stone over time were just beautiful.
Occasionally there ARE straight lines in nature.
Just a weather beaten stump but one that I thought was interesting. I see someone yelling or maybe singing.
I thoroughly enjoyed Huskisson, with it's beautiful, relaxed atmosphere and family friendly feel, clipped parks and clean streets, tours galore, bicycle hire, its plethora of eateries and very amiable people. I would recommend it. Unfortunately we couldn't stay longer as we once again had to move with the weather. Here are just a few more photos of it. The latter were taken as we were leaving this lovely place.
Just another view of Venture as seen from the rocky beach we were exploring.
The northern 'corner' of Jervis Bay, Point Perpendicular, as named by Captain Obvious! He's the one with no imagination, unlike some of the more unusual names we have come across, which I think were named by Captain Obscure.
Around the front of Point Perpendicular and the coastline is magnificent as the spray spreads curtains of mist in front of the cliff faces
Just some of the wonderful striated cliffs along the coastline.

Location: Huskisson NSW 2540, Australia
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