Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Lindeman to Hamilton or Hammocks to Bats

It's a cliché but the Whitsundays really is a paradise of sandy beaches, colourful reefs and glorious weather.

From Goldsmith, we headed over to the south east anchorage at Lindeman.  The anchorage is somewhat exposed to the south east trade winds but sheltered to a large extent by Shaw island.  The bay between the islands is huge, deep and calm making it a very nice place to visit.

Lindeman itself has a failed resort on it which we didn't visit this time round but we did break out the hammock for a while on the beach.

We thought we'd give Hamilton Island a go next so we spent a couple of hours motoring in less than 10 knots of wind to get up there.  It took a while to get into the marina as you have to be escorted in so we watched a couple of planes land.  It's a nice place!  Expensive and geared for tourists but worth a short visit.  Nice bakery and free buses that do a circuit of the island hop on hop off style.

There are some pretty awesome sculptures on display and for sale on the main street!

Just before full dark, hundreds of bats start moving around..  We tried to get some photo's but it's impossible to capture them at least with the Lumix camera we had with us.  Here's the best of our attempts :-)  The dark blurs are bats believe it or not :-)

The marina looks pretty cool from the pub balcony at night!  Nice fish and chips too!  Terry played the pokies while I drank the ale :-)

Location: Lindeman Island, Queensland 4805, Australia
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