Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hamilton to Airlie Beach or Haircuts to Gecko.

We left Hamilton to head further north into the Whitsundays.

First stop was Cid Harbour.  This is a great anchorage and a favorite for cruisers in this area.  It's on the North West side of Whitsunday Island and last time we were here in 2015, we did the climb up to the peak where the view is just stunning but the walk was a killer.  This time around we were much to lazy to try that again.


I had my winter cut there though..  I really wanted to keep it like this but Terry thought it might be just a tad weird.

From Cid we headed into Maconna Inlet which is one of the two big North/South facing inlets on the southern end of Hook Island.

It's an all weather anchorage, quite shallow but good holding.  There's a quite extensive reef on the Eastern side of the anchorage at the top which is exposed at low tide and worth checking out but we didn't get any pics this time.

On the way in, we were overtaken by  (what looked like) an ex-ferry about 40 meters long who charged up about 50 meters clear of our starboard side right on the edge of the channel.  I moved over to the port side to give him some room but he barreled along straight into the shallows and grounded.

They managed to get it off the ground after a short while with lots of wash from the prop in reverse, backed away and headed off to a different anchorage..  Fairly embarrassed I'd say.  Again, no pics though, too busy trying to keep out of their way.

We had a visit from a couple of crested terns who hung around for a while.

From there we headed up around Hook Island to the Stonehaven (Caves Cove) anchorage and spent a couple of nights there on a mooring before heading over to Airlie Beach for supplies.

A nice looking gaff rigged schooner we sailed past on the way to Airlie.

This chap came to visit while we were having a coffee

Looking out over the anchorage at Airlie
We had to go into the marina this time around.  Last time we anchored off the sailing club in among the moorings but we found out since then that our insurance company will not cover us anchored at Airlie or a number of other bays in the same area.  They don't really say why and they can't even give us exact locations for the "exclusion" so it's pretty difficult to figure out where we can and can't anchor on the coast by Airlie Beach.  Strange.

Location: Hook Island, Whitsundays QLD 4802, Australia
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