Monday, 18 May 2015

Moving on up the coast

So we finally left the Sydney area!

I think we were hanging there for around 6 months in the end.  We really enjoyed a lot of that time but it was definately time to move on.

We left Broken bay after working up 20 hours on the engine so that Sandy (the diesel wizard) could do the first service for us and headed up to Newcastle for the first leg North.  Unfortunately, Terry really suffered from lack of sea legs on this trip.  The first few hours were quite nasty rolling through 40 degrees at times with the swell and no wind to speak of to use a sail for stability and Terry literally could not stomach it.  But we got there in the end.

We met a nice chap (Hi Bruce..) on a Cavalier 32 who stopped by to say hello on the public wharf in the harbour.  He has been looking for a cruising boat for a while but is having real trouble finding a boat with 6' 7" headroom (anyone got a clue for him?).  That really would be really difficult I think.

We only stayed overnight this time but again we were really impressed with the place!  It's nothing like you'd expect for a town built around coal exports with really interesting surprises around almost every corner!

The 8 hours to Port Stephens was a nice motor sail even though a bit cold and grey.  Terry was a lot better this time taking kwells 30 minutes before we left (as advised on the packet) and then some no-doze to counter the drowsiness but then had to use Vaseline to fix the dry nose from the no-doze :-)

Venture in Fame Cove, Port Stephens

We went directly to Fame Cove this time and it's an absolutely lovely spot with fish jumping, pelicans, surrounded by bush and we just had a large pod of small dolphins come through to welcome us :-)

We'll spend tomorrow here in Fame Cove as Wednesday looks like a better day to move further north.  Next stop is Forster/Tuncurry and we'll be exploring new ground for the first time in 6 months :-)

Location: Port Stephens NSW 2324, Australia
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