Thursday, 28 May 2015

Waterproof mobile phones

I have to get another mobile phone.

I've had a Motorola Atrix for nearly 4 years now.  In fact I've had three of them..  The original took a knock and part of the screen (digitiser) stopped working.  I bought another second hand which got dunked in Port Macdonnell a while back when trying to launch the dingy in the surf (which is a really bad idea by the way..)  The third was another second hand one which was going really well until it also got dunked in Sydney Harbour just before the new year.

I managed to make one good phone out of the three broken ones and that one has lasted a while but finally failed the other day with the digitiser totally screwed.  I'm now using another one I cobbled together with a partially working digitiser screen and a fully broken wifi (the phone reboots every time it connects to a wifi network).  

So I start looking for a waterproof phone this time and after a lot of research, decided on an Aspera R6.  Really rugged and properly water resistant.  Just what the doctor ordered!

When I bought it I thought this looks very big but for some reason it didn't really worry me as all new phones look big compared to the Atrix.  Then I started using it..

It's huge!  It's impossible to operate with one hand (and I've got big hands..) and it completely dominates the cockpit on the boat!

I'm not kidding, if it floated, you could use it as a life raft!  I had trouble getting it down into the boat through the companionway and when I put it in my pocket, I can't bend my leg any more!  To watch a video on it, you have to sit at least 3 feet away!

So I took it back :-)

Harvey Norman in Port Macquarie were really helpful and didn't bat an eyelid when I sheepishly turned up asking for my money back because the phone was too big.

So I'm now doing the research all over again looking for something reasonably rugged, definitely waterproof and that actually fits me.

The Sony Xperia Z3 compact looks good at the moment but only because I've been talked out of getting the Telstra "Dave" :-(

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