Saturday, 30 May 2015

Overnight in Trial Bay

We decided to break up the leg from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour by staying overnight in Trial Bay.  It's about half way and saves sailing through the night again.

Sunrise over the breakwater at Port Macquarie

We left very early (sorry Terry) to go over the bar while the tide was still in flood.  It's one of the strong suggestions made for bar crossings that you wait for a flood tide so that the current is heading in the same direction as the swell.  The reason is that if the current is opposed to the swell, it makes the swell quite a lot bigger and encourages it to break.

As it turned out, the bar was like a millpond (sorry Terry).

We managed about 2 hours sailing with 8 to 12 knots of breeze from the west pushing us along at over 5 knots in a nice beam reach.  Lovely, peaceful sailing with just enough wind to move us along nicely and keep us stable in the 1 to 1.5m swells.

Then the wind died down and we had to motor again.  No big deal as there was no swell to speak of so very little rolly action.  Terry retired for a kip while I kept lookout for whales and sang along to some vintage Joe Walsh and Vangelis.

No whales were seen today.  So it goes.

At anchor in Trial Bay.  Very peaceful although you wouldn't want to be here in a strong northerly!

Location: Arakoon NSW 2431, Australia
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